Blue & Green Peace Sign Pack


Type: StickleMe
Properties: Removable & Restickable
Sheet Size: 24″ x 24″

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Relaxed Vibe and Atmosphere

This blue and green peace sign stickers pack provides stickers in different sizes and colors to help you create the laid-back vibe you have been looking for. The pack includes:

  • Four small peace signs in green and blue
  • Two medium peace signs
  • One large peace sign

Fun Bright Decor Wall Stickers

Have you been looking for the perfect way to set the tone and atmosphere for your home, bedroom, or business? Sticker Genius removable and restickable stickers are the answer for you. Around your office, in the foyer or at trade shows, our peace sign stickers send a clear message. They are easy to move in case you change your mind about their location or if you travel to events and trade shows. Your logo will look clean and professional every time.

We are happy to help you print high-quality, durable signs for your business or organization.

Size and Color Give Variety

The varying sizes in this blue and green peace sign stickers pack give greater variety to your décor. You could use the large peace sign as the central, eye-catching piece and surround it with the smaller peace signs or place the medium and small peace signs throughout your foyer and office. No matter where they are placed, our wall graphics are sure to be long lasting and versatile.

We Provide Excellent Customer Service

At Sticker Genius, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We work hard to be sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Our blue and green peace sign stickers pack is a fun, vibrant way to set the tone at your next trade show or event. If you know this sticker pack is right for you but are unsure what would be the best way to display the stickers, our knowledgeable Stickologists are waiting to help you come up with the right solution for your business.


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