Peace Signs

If you like Peace Signs, you’ll love our collection of the international symbol for world harmony and love that became extremely popular in the 1960s. Bring out your inner hippie with our Peace Signs that come in a variety of colors. You can choose from selections that include pink tie-dye, rainbow, blue and green, and solid shades of purple. Stick them on a desk, chair or other furniture, or place all of them on one wall to give your room a really groovy feeling. Get creative with these fun stickers. They also will add pop to your backpack, laptop or tablet. It’s up to you. Stick them wherever you want. If you don’t like where you placed them, you can always take them off and stick them somewhere else. They are repositionable, removable and reusable. From our StickleMe line, they are designed to be washable and can be placed on any surface, even concrete, cinderblock, stucco, brick and other finishes that stickers from other companies won’t adhere to. No worries. Best of all, they can be used over and over again. That means you can stick them on and peel them off up to 100 times. Don’t worry about being delicate with them because you can bend, fold, crinkle or wrinkle them and they won’t ever be damaged. They’ll spring back to life even if you’ve put them in a drawer and they’ve been smashed up. You also don’t have to be concerned about not getting it right the first time you place them on the wall because you easily can rub out any puckers or bubbles, and like magic they’ll be just right for your room. If you need help coming with ideas about where to put your Peace Signs, you can always contact our knowledgeable Stickologists, who will be glad to help you come up with creative ideas for your room and more.

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