Bike Name Tag Stickers


Type: Genius Vinyl
Properties Removable
Size: 5.2″ x 2″
For custom sizes & bulk pricing please contact us.

  • Type name exactly how it should be printed.


A Great Way to Get More out of Your Hobby

Cycling is a great way to get exercise and have fun while you do it. For some people, cycling is a hobby, but for some, it is a lifestyle. Decorating your bike is a cool way to show your affinity for cycling. Whether you’re racing bicycles competitively, use your bike as your primary form of transportation, or just like to take a ride on a trail to relax, our bike name stickers can help you personalize your bike so it has the flair that you want.

Simple, Tough, and Affordable

Our name tags for bikes display your name and your country’s flag, for a classic look. These bike name stickers are made out of durable Genius Vinyl. Casual sidewalk cyclists and hardcore mountain bikers alike will find that Genius Vinyl holds its own, no matter what conditions you are riding in. Genius Vinyl is easy to peel off and will not damage your bike’s paint job. At the low price of $5, our decals for bicycles are highly affordable and are a great gift for the cyclist in your life. Buying bike name decals for your cycling team or club? Bulk ordering is also available.

Our Wonderful Customer Service Team

We at Sticker Genius believe everyone deserves professional, courteous customer service. Our customer service representatives, the Stickologists, recognize that. Stickologists are always available to help you out with any aspect of your order. Need help pricing out a bulk order for your cycling club? A Stickologist can handle it. Want to get some more information on the durability of these name decals for bikes? A Stickologist has your back. Looking to use a different graphic in place of a flag? A Stickologist has got you covered. We take great pride in our customer service, and we believe it shows. Start personalizing your bicycle today with cycling name stickers from Sticker Genius!


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