Reduce Printing Costs

Would you like to learn about a creative way to reduce your marketing or event budget? Frustrated by having to reprint expensive event materials such as banners just because a small piece changed like a date? Would you find it helpful to be able to economically and professionally reuse your event products? Well you can with the help of sticker genius interchangeable marketing.

Business marketing can get expensive. That’s why we’ve developed our method of Interchangeable Marketing. Great money saving method that will suit your custom business printing needs. Combine reusable stickers with printed constants such as vinyl advertising banners and retractable banners. Updating your signage has never been easier!

Fast turnaround times ensure that your advertisement signs and banners will arrive in time for your next trade show, event, special sales and upcoming milestones.

Cheaper Than Traditional Printing Methods

One of the benefits for businesses to use our advertisement signs and banners is that it allows them to utilize what we refer to as interchangeable marketing. The normal materials for events often include printing items such as banners retractable banner stands and promotional stickers. The common way to design these items are to our to include information that does not change which includes the company or organization’s name, your website, your telephone number, and possibly your tagline. Also included are items such as products dates event information or themes that may pertain to this event only. We suggest printing the information that does not change onto the materials such as reusable vinyl advertising banners and print the information that may change on removable material to stick to the banner. Vinyl advertising banners are much more economical than reprinting the entire piece for the next event.

Some of the benefits of interchangeable marketing include:

  • Reduced budgets
  • Environmentally friendly
  • A great story to tell
  • Leads to huge job promotions
  • Allows creativity
  • Just plain fun

Step and Repeat Stickers

Another great application for interchangeable marketing and Sticker Genius’ advertisement banners and signs is step and repeat reusable vinyl banners. Most step and repeat banners include a company, organization, school or team’s logo. They also include the event or the sponsor. Since step and repeat banners can be expensive we encourage printing the main logo onto the vinyl advertising banner and leaving a space in between the logo to fit a removable sticker such as our StickleMe product. Print the event or the sponsor on a StickleMe reusable vinyl banner and simply remove it after the event. If you place the stick of me back on the original backing you may reuse the vinyl advertising banner for other events!

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