Wall Name Decal Ideas & Designs: Top 10 Picks

  • May 2, 2024

Nothing screams character more than adding your family’s names to the walls of the rooms in which they reside. Or, even more, adding your last name to the walls of any full-fam gathering spot! In fact, it’s a rising trend for nurseries and other rooms, too! 

Simply put - wall name decal designs and wall stickers are simple and cost-effective for adding style and individuality to any room design. 

That’s why Sticker Genius offers homeowners and room decorators a wide variety of name designs and beyond. Ready to add personalization to your bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, or game rooms? Keep reading for our picks of the top 10 designs! 

Top 10 Wall Name Decal Designs

Drum roll, please… Let’s unveil our choices for the top 10 wall name decal designs in 2024. 

Bright Stars

Perfect for a bright baby girl nursery, or a modern tween, the Bright Stars wall name decal is versatile and restickable. This design features modern block letters with vibrant pinks, purples, yellow, and green that draw attention and oohs and ahhs, from your room visitors. The restickable nature makes this option ideal for renters, or, expanding families with future bedroom shifts.

Commander Camo

The Commander Camo is a great choice for kid's bedrooms or hangout spots for families who love the outdoors. Have a room with your prized antlers hanging? This would be the perfect addition to show off your family name right beside your possession. Featuring a light, fun, font, this is a perfect option for man caves or growing boys. 

Circle Dancer

Next on our list of top wall name decal designs is none other than Sticker Genius’ Circle Dancer design. An eclectic design of circles, and circle outlines is bubbly and happy for your ballet, jazz, or tap dancer’s favorite space. Its design and size make it a great choice for an in-home dance studio or bedroom and make your name and favorite pose stand out. 

Flower Power

Another restickable option is another one of our top choices for designs with Flower Power. There’s no way you can miss this stand-out design that brightens up any wall or room with its rich purple and pink coloring. The block design is retro and groovy to match your room’s aesthetic and features beautiful flowers within the letters to help your name, shine that much more.


Throwing it back to the ‘50s and ‘60s instead? Then this Mod design is the option for you! This wall name decal design is a top option for family names or first names that have a clean and old-school aesthetic in mind. With classic blue and gold colors and a nameplate design, your name is featured front and center, in an all-caps style.


For kid's rooms or playrooms, the Rockets design will ignite any wall! This block letter option has a chunky, playful font that is accented with classic stars. Even more classic? Its red, blue, white, and yellow color palette is sure to match any preppy or colorful room designs for growing boys and teens.

Pacific Cursive

As kids grow, so do their tastes for simplicity and luxury. That’s why the Pacific Cursive wall name decal design is highly sought after by teen girls and moms for their new baby girls. It’s a design that grows with you and comes in an eye-catching purple hue that is perfect for contrasting common color palettes or matching just perfectly. 

This option is also another classic font that can be used for bathrooms, family rooms, or shared spaces, too.


Have a child or family member who loves to hit the slopes? Or who prefers winter over any other season? Then this Snowboarding design is for you! This multi-faceted design not only features a retro serif font but also multiple outlines to help the piece truly stand out. On the corner of it all is a glistening white snowflake to add to its personality and show off yours. 

Stripes and Spots

With our top 10 picks of favorite wall name decals, we couldn’t forget about our animal lovers! This restickable option is classic, featuring primary colors like orange, green, yellow, red, and blue, and classic animal spots! Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog lover, you get the idea that you love pets, especially with a heart at the top of the “i” if you have one in your name. 

This option is a superb choice for any child’s room, playroom, pet space, and for first or last names. 

Super Groovy Bubble Letters

Want your home visitors to say “far out, man” when entering the room? Then these Super Groovy Bubble letters will do the trick! Featuring a dynamic and “dyn-o-mite” color scheme, this choice has a gradient design blending blue into purple, purple into pink, and pink into gold-green. The block design grabs the eye’s attention, as do its bright and lively colors. 

Find Wall Name Decal Designs and More at Sticker Genius 

With so many wall name decal designs to choose from, how can you decide? First, consider our picks for the top 10 designs, and then start browsing Sticker Genius’ entire selection of name designs. Sticker Genius has over 70+ wall name decal designs to choose from and something for everyone’s style. 

Make Sticker Genius your hub for all things to stick to! From educational dry-erase wall stickers to vehicle stickers, window graphics, and beyond, we’re the minds behind premium custom stickers. 

Start browsing our collection, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to get exclusive news on style trends, new products, promotions, and savings. 

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