For someone that ordered with both a Rush Fee and Express Shipping, I can say that the company is more than willing to make your product is perfect even on a time crunch.
As you work with them (after you place your order), they will ensure your product is exactly how you want it so long as you fulfill everything on your part. For example, if you feel like the color is a little off based on the previews, just notify them with the information on your hands and give them an example of what you want, they will make it happen! They are very easy to work with and I really appreciate how the company always has someone ready to reply to questions or concerns.
If you are concerned about a product not arriving on time, I highly recommend placing your order with a Rush Fee and even Express Shipping if necessary. It will take time to finalize a design (1-2 days depending on how satisfied you are with the design preview) using a Rush Fee and getting Express Shipping along with notifying them of when the product needs to be in your hands will 100% ensure that you will receive the product the day you need them.