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Ensure Peace and Quiet in and Around Your Testing Environment

If you are looking to ensure that your testing environment is free of all interruptions and distractions, our Exam in Progress stop sign wall decals are the perfect way to ensure anyone around the testing area will remain quiet and respectful while the test takers are hard at work. With our Exam in Progress stickers, there will be no more stepping out into the hallway to quiet down noisemakers and boisterous passersby while instructors and teachers should be focused on watching the test takers.

Completely Reusable

Made from high-quality and reusable material, our Exam in Progress stop sign wall decals can be used over and over again in a wide variety of locations around your facility. An excellent option for schools, colleges, training centers and even large corporations, these stickers are designed to help promote peaceful and quiet test taking environments.

Customizable to Your Specifications

Are you looking for Exam in Progress stop sign wall decals branded with your unique company, school or organizational logo? Our reusable decal stickers can accommodate your logo, organizational name, or any other custom text or graphic designs that your unique situation may require. Simply contact our customer service experts for personalized service.

Perfect for Mobile Testing Operations

As our stickers are totally reusable, they are the ideal option for testing and training companies that are constantly on the move and setting up temporary testing sites in various locations. Simply order a batch of our reusable decal stickers designed to your specifications and promote your business, while maintaining healthy and optimal testing environments everywhere you supervise tests.

Exam in Progress Stop Sign stickers by Sticker Genius are:

  • Reusable and highly durable
  • Designed to your unique specifications
  • Highly effective in reducing noise and distractions

You can contact Sticker Genius any time for help with optimizing your unique testing environment.

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