Stand for Sticker Display

Our company, Sticker Genius, allows our clients to create their own unique and creative signs with this A-Frame display stand. The clients can place their unique signs on the stand and can change them when needed. It can be used to attract more customers and display all of the business’s services.

Quick and Easy Installation

The sign display stand is a great way to easily display any posters with company information that is needed for customers. It can also be used to display information for the employees in the break room. It is simple to set up and display signs printed on coroplast, foam board or gatorboard. It is easy to take down and store within the business. With a simple placement and spreading of the stand, it will stay in place until removed by the employee.

Personalization of the Stand

This A-frame display stand can be customized with corresponding signs and information that the business or customers need. Because it has two sides, it can display stickers or information in dual languages as well. A well-displayed sign in multiple languages will help to attract more customers to the business. The sign can be easily changed on the stand to promote seasonal products or changes within the business. Tie balloons at the hinges of your sign display stand for more visibility. The balloons can be in colors to match the business’s colors.

Stand Application Possibilities

When placing the A-frame display stand outside to attract customers, it would be ideal to position it so that both sides can be seen. You can direct the flow of traffic to your shop by placing it on a street corner. For a banquet or other event held in a hotel, you can use several A-frame stands to let guests easily find the correct space. It can also be used in the employee break room to share information or the business’s needs.

Sticker Genius will happily help you today to create signs for these stands that will display any type of promotion or information that the company needs. The A-frame display stand can be customized to promote the business, share information with the employees, or attract customers who speak various languages. It is easily portable and stores easily.

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