Our photo frame wall stickers easily apply to any type of wall surface, including brick, concrete or cinderblock, and to any type of paint such as textured, high gloss or latex. Made with our special StickleMe technology, these picture frame stickers are designed to be repositionable, removable and reusable, which means they can be peeled off and replaced countless times without causing any damage to your wall.

Putting a couple of holes in the wall usually isn’t a huge ordeal, but it can be in certain settings, especially if it means you are violating your commercial or residential lease agreement. No worries with our photo frame wall stickers, though, because installing them won’t require any nails, tools or tape and don’t leave behind any glue or goop to clean up. If the sticker picture frames get bent, folded, creased or wrinkled, it’s also no problem because they’ll snap right, ready to stick on again.

As a complement to your restickable frames, treat yourself to our sticker photos. Our sticker frames for walls come in an array of sizes and also stick on and can be removed just as easily as your frame.

If you need any assistance ordering your StickleMe frames or photo frame stickers for walls, our smiling Stickologists are standing by to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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