Oh, what fun it is to stick StickleMe Animal wall graphic stickers to your wall. Our animated-like whale, turtle, shark, seahorse and dolphin designs will help you add the merriment you may need in your bedroom, bathroom, children’s room or playroom. Their big grins and bright colors offer an amusing touch that will put a smile on almost anyone’s face.

They are available in eight sizes, and are made to peel and stick on, easily adhering to any wall surface. That’s what is so great about our StickleMe sticker wall decal products. Unlike other companies that brag their stickers will adhere to any “smooth” surface, our products are manufactured with a unique technology that allows that to stick onto any surface. That means they’re engineered to go on top of textured wallpaper, brick, concrete, cinderblocks and other surfaces that would give other stickers an impossible job to do.

Our stickers really are made with you in mind. Besides being reusable, repositionable and removable, you can wash, crumple, crinkle, smash up and wrinkle them up. You can stuff them in a drawer, throw them under the bed or in the back of a closet and they’ll bounce back perfectly, strong and ready to go back on the wall again and again. Don’t like where you placed them the first time? Just pull them off and move them around. It doesn’t matter because you can stick them on, peel them off and do it again and again up to 100 times.

We’re the only company in the world that can promise you that. We abused them, even stuck them on a plane, flew it around the country and back, and then ran them through a car wash to prove it.

Believe us, they are made to last. So don’t limit yourself to placing them on a wall. They’re so hilarious; they’ll bring a playful spirit when you’re working on your laptop or tablet. If you’re going on a cruise, stick some on your luggage. Get creative and think about what else you can do with these witty sea creatures. Take them along on your next fishing trip. Stick them on your tackle box or bait pail, and you’ll be sure to get some laughs whether you catch a big one or not.

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