Shape Cut Install Guide

  1. Clean surface from dust and debris with dry cloth. Do not use cleaning agents.
  2. Peel off about 1/4 of sticker from the liner, and curve it underneath (or cut off so it lays flat on surface – if you do not plan on reusing liner). Exposing that portion of the sticker. Do not crease liner if you plan to place sticker back on another time.
  3. Position the sticker on surface.
  4. Once in position adhere the exposed sticker portion to surface.
  5. Then pull about a foot more from the liner that is behind the print, and apply that section.
  6. Repeat in increments until you reach the end of your sticker.

If you notice wrinkles or bubbles as you are installing. Pull back and smooth out as you go, and fix as you are applying. With our StickleMe product air bubbles can be worked out after as well.

Removing And Storing Our Restickable Stickers

In most situations you sticker is shipped with a liner that is larger than the print. Roll up the liner after application and tuck away. Try not to get liner dirty. When you are getting ready to apply the sticker back on liner you will need 2-3 people for large prints. Have two people hold each end and apply on liner that has been laid flat on the ground.

There may be bubbles and small wrinkles on the graphic once it has been placed back on the liner. This is common and is fine, because they will be worked out on next application. That’s why StickleMe brand is so unique. Just avoid creasing when rolling up since that could damage the appearance of the print. Roll up with print side out.

If you choose to not save the liner. You may also just remove from surface and apply to a surface such as a wall to temporarily hold the graphic until it is needed next time.