Wall Mural Completed
Wall wraps and murals are the perfect way to transform your space with full-coverage custom designed artwork. There are many different types of materials available at Sticker Genius for customizing your wall mural to fit your needs. Although the idea of designing and installing a large-scale wall mural may seem like an impossible task, it doesn’t have to be. Our team has extensive training and experience to help execute your project as quickly and seamlessly as possible. So whether you choose to pay a professional for the installation or follow along and make it a DIY project, we are here to help!

Designing Your Wall Mural

Wall wraps and murals come to us in all different styles, types, and materials. Customizing your design will depend on the size of the area that you will be putting the mural, how long you want it to last, and what type of finish you’re looking to accomplish. What makes Sticker Genius wall murals and wraps unique, is that our customers have the ability to design their own. Almost everything we print is custom created and submitted to us as a print-ready file. Which means each mural or wrap can be set up exactly how you want it.

It’s easy to turn any wall into a masterpiece with these vibrant, full coverage products because they allow you to completely personalize your walls. The possibilities are endless and how you design your mural is completely up to you! Just upload your own photo or artwork and turn it into a one of a kind wall mural that will reflect your taste and personality. Whether you’re printing family moments, pet portraits, recreated vintage designs,  custom business logo or company branding, turning the custom graphics you love into a large scale wall mural is a truly unique way to brighten up any room. In addition to offering a dramatic look to your decor, your wall mural will make a lasting impression and be the main focus of attention.

Prepping The Area

Whether you’re going to be installing your own wall mural or you plan to have it done professionally, there are a few steps you will need to run through before you will be ready to complete the project. First, you will need to take exact measurements of the area that you will be installing your wall mural. Taking precise measurements is the key to the success of your new wall art. Second, you will need to observe the surface area and ensure there is no damage, raised areas, or objects that will need to be flagged. Vinyl wall wraps can be stretched, cut, and conformed to fit over objects, but the graphics may need to modified slightly during the printing process to account for the additional space. Finally, the wall will need to be cleaned, prepped, and repaired prior to any installation can be started.

In order to make your mural stick, you need to have a clean, dry surface. So with a dry cloth, give the wall a quick wipe-down before you begin. It is recommended to wait at least 2-3 weeks after paint being applied the wall before attempting installation of any of our materials. Paint that has not had time to fully set can easily be pulled from the wall during the application process, or the added moisture can also compromise the adhesive causing it to fail. Which could result in your mural beginning to peel from the wall in some or all areas. Prepping the area is almost as important as the install itself, so don’t skip this step.

Installation Tips

It is important to be prepared and have everything together before you begin the installation of your wall mural. Here is a list of things you will need to get started:

  • Pencil
  • Step Ladder
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Masking or Painters Tape
  • Knife or Scissors


Whether or not you’ll be installing your wall mural on your own, or having it professionally done will play a huge factor in this step. Installing large-scale wall murals in conforming materials can be challenging and is best left to the professionals. So if you will be ordering a long-term wall wrap design we recommend letting our team handle the install or hiring a licensed installer in your area. If you are considering installing your wall mural, it is best to use a forgiving material such as our Restickable StickleMe that allows you to peel and restick the material multiple times during application. Also, we recommend having a partner help you install the mural, especially if it is a bit large. It is just easier and nicer to have an extra hand to help hold up the large panels. Do not pre-trim the mural, you can do this after the fact, plus if you get a panel put up a bit crooked, you can fix it before trimming.

When working with vertical panels, you will almost always want to start in the top down. Starting on the left or right side all depends on the most viewed angle that your viewers will be seeing the mural. For example, if the most frequent angle that your guests will be viewing your mural is from the right side, then you will want to start from the furthest left and then work your way to the right. This allows the overlaps to be covered up by each succeeding panel.  The edge of the overlap would be most exposed on the left side (but subtle enough to not be seen when viewing from the left side) so when viewing from the right it wouldn’t be that noticeable. 

Line up the first panel with the top corner of your wall. Have your partner holds the bottom half of the material to help keep the entire panel lined up and to keep it from sticking to the ground or wall prematurely. Starting in the corner, slowly lower the decal to the wall and using a squeegee or plastic object, start pressing the graphic onto the wall. Work from top to bottom, and inside out, pushing air from the center of the mural to the far corners. After you have done the first panel in your project, you will need to align each prior panel to match up to the seams of the panel before. You will need to visually align the panels by matching the design. This works best with one person matching the top, and another person matching the bottom. Your material should have an inch or two of your image that overlaps on each side so that you do not end up with any gaps. 

After you have installed each panel of the wall mural and you have the entire design up on the wall in the desired position, you can now trim the excess edges along the outside, top, and bottom of the material. We recommend using a plastic squeegee or felt roller to help the material settle into any gaps in texture. Do not worry if some small bubbling occurs after the graphic is on the wall, all you need to do is pop them with a push pin and smooth the area with your finger or squeegee.

The Big Reveal!

You did it! Whether you installed the artwork yourself or decided to pay a professional, this is always a very satisfying moment. Now you get to wow all your guests and visitors with your captivating work of art that has now become the focal point of your home or office. 

Now that you have more information about Sticker Genius Wall Murals, Wraps, and Coverings, please feel free to contact us for a quote if you’re ready to start your project.
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