Canvas Prints Wall
Our custom wall decor is an amazingly simple way to transform your space. Here at Sticker Genius, we have a variety of custom wall pieces, perfect for you to warm your home. With our ingenious products, you can decorate and design different areas of your home, without worrying about causing damage or leaving a huge mess behind. These brilliant products will bring new life to your home and keep your special memories preserved. 

Custom Canvas Prints

There’s no place like your home! Create a gorgeous gallery on any wall with Sticker Genius custom canvas prints. Whether you want to display a picture of your children, a pet, or favorite landscape location, a stylish canvas portrait is an easy way to integrate your photos into personalized art for your home. As with most Sticker Genius products, canvas prints from photos are 100% customizable. Our high-resolution print quality will ensure that your canvas prints from photos look detailed and vibrant. These classic canvas prints will make you ecstatic to have any work of art on your wall.

Custom Removable & Reusable Wall Art

Design Turnpike Wall Graphic

Have a travel bug in your life? We have the perfect product for them too. Sticker Genius offers custom printed wall murals that can be printed using your very own photos or designs. Which means the possibilities are endless! We also offer stock designs and products from local designers as well.  One of which, Design Turnpike, is a company based out of Detroit, MI, who creates art and maps using vintage recycled license plates. This incredible piece was originally made out of old recycled vintage license plates and we’ve turned this beautiful design into a restickable StickleMe wall graphic perfect for the wanderer in your life.

Custom Photo Stickers, Cutouts and Decals

Have open areas in your house that you do not know what to do with? Or family photos on your camera, but none displayed? Love wall art, but don’t want to spend a fortune on decor? Sticker Genius is here for you! We have a variety of awesome and affordable alternatives to the hammer and nail method for displaying photos. Make your house a home with our customizable, top-quality sticker photos, photo cut-outs, and wall murals. Photo wall decals offer a creative and inexpensive way to preserve and display all your great memories off your phone or camera. So if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive to take your photos and turn them into art, look no further! When it is time to paint your wall or if you move, no problem, our photo stickers are removable and some even reusable!

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New Leaf Decals

A New Leaf Fundraising Event

Every month Sticker Genius chooses one organization or cause as the recipient of our Donation of the Month program. The purpose of this program is to help underfunded programs help to reach their fundraising, charity, or donation goals. In the month of October we had the opportunity to work alongside A New Leaf, an organization that provides a broad spectrum of support services to help individuals and families to achieve lifelong independence.

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Event Floor Graphic

Grab Attention with Eye-Catching Floor Graphics

Most people look down when they walk. Not to mention the average American spends nearly five hours a day looking down at his or her phone. Although phone-addiction may seem annoying to the average person, to a marketing professional, it has helped to create a new unique opportunity to take advertising to the next step. Our Nation’s steadily increasing downward gaze is introducing a new way to brand, advertise, and utilize the floor of any business, office, or event.

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