Genius Dogs Sarah
These past few months, Sticker Genius has experienced some unexpected developments. Our office dogs have adopted the role of the unofficial mascots of our building, and it seems to be a role they're perfectly happy to take on. While we love all our employees equally here at the Genius Lab, we can’t help but feel that these dogs are the only “truly perfect” ones.

They show up every day with a smile, they’re always ready to do their job, and they never complain. If you are wondering how to improve company morale, encourage collaboration, and limit stress in your workplace — without spending too much money — maybe you should consider allowing office dogs to get on the payroll.

Genius Office Dogs

Dogs Are Proven To Reduce Stress

Sure, chatting with your co-workers when you arrive in the morning is nice, but there’s nothing like seeing the face of a happy dog to start your day off right. Our Sticker Genius office dogs are always ready to greet our employees with excitement and a smile and it really seems to set the tone for the day. Also, did you know that having dogs in the office has been proven to reduce stress levels and increase productivity? Not only does the presence of these pups reduce stress for their owners, but it also increases job satisfaction even for those without pets. Stress can be a killer at the office, but let’s be honest, there is not much that some cuddles with a doggo can’t fix. So maybe taking the company “puppy breaks” should become a pretty normal thing around your office too.

Encourage You To Take A Break And Get Outside

Let’s face it, customer service jobs can sometimes be so stressful. Conflicts of opinions and simple human errors can become daily triggers that can increase unnecessary stress with employees. Having dogs around can be very therapeutic to us. Their presence is calming and friendly, so it can help to cut through stressors and promote a lighter atmosphere. Also, because our office dogs tend to interact with us on their own accord, they are a great reminder that it might be time to laugh, smile, or take a break just by popping over and saying hello to us.

Genius Girls Dogs

Help You Get To Know Colleagues More Quickly

It is very possible that having dogs in our office has helped to create sort of a pack mentality with our employees. Very far from interfering with the company’s appearance of professionalism, our Genius dogs have actually become a useful marketing tool as well as a great team builder between employees here. Having dogs in our office has been a great ice-breaker, and provides our team with some common ground to stand on. When you can connect with someone on a different level, other than just work, you will find them nicer to work with, as a result, you’ll create a bond with him or her faster. So, in conclusion, our team has found that having dogs surrounding us throughout the day creates lower levels of stress, and also contributes to higher levels of productivity.

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