46climbs Mountains Donation
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, our May Sticker Genius Donation of the Month program teamed up as a sponsor for a very special organization to show our support for this important cause. 46Climbs is a national event that was built off a combined passion for the outdoors, mental health prevention, and the therapeutic benefits received from achieving physical challenges. All funds raised from the event go towards supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and their life-saving research, education, advocacy, and help for those who need it.
46 Climbs 2019

In April 2014, 46Climbs began doing fundraising work for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, after the co-founder Kolby, lost a fellow teammate and friend to suicide at a young age. After battling with grief for many years, he eventually teamed up with Catherine and together they built an event to battle the sensitive issue.

As a kick-starter for the foundation, the team attempted to hike 46 Adirondack High Peaks within 7 days, which would total 189 miles. Though the team did not meet their goal due to many unseen obstacles, the goal of raising funds for suicide prevention was superseded. Since 46Climbs has turned into an annual event encouraging individuals across the United States to take on the up and down challenges of depression and support one another of conquering suicide prevention. 46Climbs is an opportunity to share in, support, and appreciate the people and world around us.

United 46climb Donation

This year, Sticker Genius was contacted by the organization to request our help in creating the events “Climb Packages” which include a dry fit t-shirt, sticker, and bandana that help to raise awareness about the event and its goals. Our team jumped at the opportunity to help and provided the foundation with Removable Genius Vinyl Clear Decals which will hopefully help them to meet their goals of raising over 70,000 dollars for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention this year.

Ready To Get Involved?

You can hike/climb with the 46Climbs national community Aug 30-Sept 8 at your local mountain(s) or trail. All funds raised go towards supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and their life-saving research.

Do you think our donation of the month program could help benefit your organization or cause?

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