Reusable Custom Decal
Paw Treks is serving up some Instagram worthy adventure for our canine friends. With a devotion to helping human companions enhance the healthy lifestyle needs of their canines, so they too, can live their best lives. Paw Treks is building a business based on engaging the physical and emotional needs of our canine friends, and even cooler, they are using Sticker Genius Custom Restickable Vehicle Stickers to help them get the word out about their brand.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Paw Treks focuses on a high-touch experience for its customers, which includes a unique, nourishing of psychological and emotional well-being. Lydia (Skyla) Nattey is the founder and lead guide at Paw Treks, and she’s passionate about connecting with canines through her adventures. With over 17 years of canine experience, Lydia is dedicated to helping human companions enhance a better lifestyle for their furry friends. She channeled her passion for dogs while working as a kennel attendant, living in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario. Her natural way with dogs then led her to work as a groomer, veterinary assistant, and dog handler for a renowned celebrity dog coach. While working as a dog handler, Lydia had an epiphany that as human companions we often fail to meet our canines instinctual needs. While many of us are mindful of the well-being of our pets, we ignore the breed specific needs to be stimulated, challenged physically, and balanced by nature.

All Paw Trek’s adventures are specifically guided in relation to each canine’s specific needs. Each adventure is customized to ensure the safety of each client. From pickup to drop off, the Paw Trek’s team is actively engaging their canines, emotionally and physically. The goal of each Paw Treks adventure is to not only care for your pet and provide them with an adventure but to also develop a loving connection and relationship that will be respected by both Paw Treks and their canine friends. Lydia sees Paw Treks as the perfect opportunity to use her natural ability, while also connecting on a higher level with her canine clients.

More About Restickable Branding

Lydia uses our Reusable Custom Shape Door Stickers on the Paw Treks vehicle to help get the word out about her business. This product can be printed in full-color and custom cut to any shape of your choosing. These durable decals can be removed and reused 100+ times and will never cause damage to the vehicle. Lydia’s design includes all-caps bold lettering on a black background so her brand name Paw Treks is front and center. Then there’s the tagline: “Give Your Dog The Adventure Of A Lifetime.” The design finishes out with contact info printed perfectly crisp and visually clear. The outdoor protection gives a subtle semi-gloss finish, and this lamination is ideal to protect against UV damage and moisture, whether the product is in the mountains or the canyons.

Vehicle branding is a great way to do advertising for your business everywhere you go. Whether your business has a single car or a whole fleet of them, Custom Shape Door Stickers can transform your wheels into brand ambassadors. It’s the perfect way to give your business a boost by increasing its exposure anywhere you drive.

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