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Having a number of different options is always one of the most important parts of any customer shopping experience. It’s important that customers are provided with multiple choices to ensure their unique needs are met. Although, here at Sticker Genius we understand that not everyone is as stuck on stickers as we are. Having an abundance of choices can sometimes become overwhelming and confusing for a consumer, and we want you to know, we are here to help with that.
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What Type Of Product Are You Shopping For?

 Our goal is to not only bring you the highest quality materials and options for every project you might encounter but also ensure that we’re providing you with exactly what you need. Whether you’re shopping for some stickers but don’t know what material will work best, or you’re not sure which sticker will adhere the best to the surface you’re applying it to. Our Stickologists have all the answers right here for you.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. There was something brought you to our website, what was it? Are you looking to advertise using your vehicle, have some storefront windows that need a facelift, or maybe you’re just looking for custom brand labels of your logo? Whatever it was that brought you to us, let’s start there. This will be our main jumping off point for the type of product you choose.  Our online store is broken up into several different product categories, with multiple options for each type of product. Custom Stickers, Wall Graphics, Window Graphics, Floor Graphics, Vehicle Graphics, Banners, Signs, Dry Erase, and Canvas Prints. First, let’s choose one of these categories and that will be our starting point.

Removable, Reusable, or Permanent?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by our Genius Team members, and it is also probably the most important. This question will determine the lifespan of your Sticker Genius project. It will also be the difference between repeated daily use of your product, or a long term aggressive hold. Knowing what you need out of your sticker is one of the first steps to making your custom purchase. Maybe you have a trade show coming up that will span throughout four weekends, and you need the graphics to be removed and reapplied multiple times, but still hold strong for each show. That would mean you would need one of our truly reusable products and can be stuck, peeled, and restuck multiple times. Or maybe your event is just a one and done night, and you need to be in-and-out during certain hours. That would mean you would need repositionable & removable graphics that could be easily installed and removed in a no muss, no fuss, kinda way. All of these factors will make a difference in choosing the right material for your needs. So be sure to give our team all the details if you’re unsure of what to pick.

Sticker Surface Peel

What Surface Area Will The Product Be Going On?

Now that we’ve chosen your product type, our next step is to figure out what type of surface your project will be applied to. Sticker Genius offers many different adhesive types, which all serve a unique purpose. Knowing what you will be applying the stickers to, will help us get the best results out of your project. If you chose floor graphics in the previous step, what type of floor is it? Whether the floor is wood, tile, concrete, or carpet will make a huge difference in what type of product you should be purchasing. Each premium material we provide can be utilized to ensure the best solution for your specific needs.

What Type Of Cut Should You Choose?

Sticker Cuts Type 1

Choosing your cut is pretty standard practice, but first, it’s important to understand what your options are. Sticker Genius offers multiple different types of cut styles for each product. Custom shape or “contour cutting” is a technology that allows cutting your image or graphic to shape versus providing a traditional straight lined square or rectangle. Whereas “die cut” would be to “cut clean” with consistent edges of the entire decal and backing. We also “Exact Cut” which would mean the decal is cut precisely along the shape of your design, which means no visible background or border. These decals are installed using transfer paper, which creates an elegant clean design that appears seamless.

Sticker Cut Type 2

Do you need a Laminate?

Sticker Genius Packaging

Laminate options will vary with different product types, but a good indicator of whether or not you need one, is where the decals will be used. If you’re going to be using them outside at any point, the answer should always be, yes. A Laminate will protect from moisture and UV damage, so they are always highly suggested for any product being applied to a vehicle, window, or outdoor surfaces. Adding a laminate will also protect your decal from getting dirty, and make it easier to clean if it does. Floor laminates are thicker than our standard options and help to prevent slips or falls when installed.

Do you still have more questions? Visit our help center.

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