Bike Detroit
Stickers and decals are not just for vehicles anymore! Sticker Genius provides a wide variety of product and material options to fit the needs of every rider from the trails to the road. Detroit among many other cities has become an excellent place for cycling so whether you’re in a bike group and looking to get your name out there and recruit new members, or just trying to make a statement with some customized decals, Sticker Genius has a custom sticker option for you!

Detroit’s booming rebirth and streamlined growth make biking one of the best ways to experience the ever-changing beauty of the city and the excitement of what is happening on its streets from day to day. Buildings are being renovated, people are bustling around, businesses are open and active, and for the first time in a long time, the city is thriving. This change has invited many local community-based groups to pop up in and around the city that supports local cycling and Sticker Genius has had the pleasure of working with a few of them. We Bike Detroit, Detroit Bike City, and Slow Roll Rides are just a few of the local events around the city that promote and encourage riding within the city and community engagement.

Belle Isle Biking

Most local biking organizations are not only dedicated to promoting cycling in the City of Detroit, but also participate in hosting weekly rides, tours, and events. The bike community in Detroit is thriving and continue contributing to the growth and culture of the beautiful city. By hosting or participating in local events the community it helps to work towards a common goal to help improve Detroit’s image and continue to repopulate the once thriving city streets. One way to help promote new up and coming organizations are by adding numbers, colors, or custom club stickers to your bicycle.

Bike Detroit Decals

Using promotional logos and designs is a great way to get the word out about your club, event, or organization. The custom messages you can display on your bike are not only fun, but they make your ride completely unique. Many organizations around the city will print Removable Vinyl Decals to hand out at events to encourage participation and involvement, as well as advertise to new potential future members. Custom designed stickers make great promo items for event swag bags and can be applied to bikes, helmets, or water bottles.

Have a design in mind for your next event? Let our team put your custom vision into print.
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