Animal Rescue Donation
Every year, Midcoast Humane cares for and finds homes for 3,500 surrendered, abandoned, and abused animals, and helps thousands more stay in their forever homes through community support and humane education services. As the contracted animal shelter of 40 towns along Maine's Midcoast, across 1,000 square miles, Midcoast Humane is working to develop new partnerships throughout these communities.

Today, Midcoast Humane is one of the biggest shelters in the state of Maine, operating animal sheltering facilities in Brunswick and Edgecomb. They provide care and second chances to nearly 4,000 animals every year and assist thousands more through company programming. The organization made a bold choice and decided to drop the “society” from their title because they are not just about animals, but about people too. Midcoast Humane is not a membership organization and is no way “exclusive” to anyone because animal companies should be for everyone. Even the smallest donations can help when trying to make a difference in the lives of animals.

That is why when Midcoast Humane reached out to Sticker Genius about building a QR Window Sticker to identify their partnership with the 40 different towns they work with along Maine’s Midcoast and thousands of adopters across the state and New England, we jumped at the opportunity to help. The organization created their 3”x 3” QR Code Stickers using low-tack Removable Genius Vinyl material, which is perfect for applying to windows walls without the fear of leaving a sticky residue behind.

Every animal that goes through the door of Midcoast Humane, not only receives excellent medical care, but also spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, care, and comfort while they spend time with the organization waiting for their forever homes. Now, with the help of our Donation of the Month Program, Midcoast Humane can spread the word about their shelters and continue to grow involvement with their hard work and life-saving efforts. In 2018, Midcoast Humane had a Live Release Rate of 98% for dogs and 97% for cats. It is the hope of Sticker Genius, that with the help of the donated window clings, that Midcoast Humane can continue to raise these already high numbers, and next year they will be even higher!

For more information about supporting or adopting through Midcoast Humane, please visit their website 

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