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It is almost that time again. Back to school is upon us and it’s no secret how much you probably need to do to prep and prepare. Sticker Genius knows it takes an abundance of planning and supplies to ensure a successful school year, and we are here to help. With our new line of back to school products, our custom stickers can help keep kids organized in a fun and personalized way.

School Is Now In Session

Sending kids off to college can be extremely difficult, in more ways than one. Dorm room checklists, pre-move preparations, and time scheduling all play a factor in the busy schedule of things to do. As exciting as it is, when your child heads off to college they will probably need a list of items a mile long, and everything will need to fit into a tiny little room much smaller than their current bedroom. Which is exactly why choosing the right products that utilize space is so important for success. We’re proud to introduce our new and unique back-to-school products, which were created with exactly that in mind. Fully customizable Back to School Dry Erase Calendar Sticker that can be applied directly to the walls without causing damage, are an excellent way to save space and keep your child’s priorities in order. These convenient dry erase decals can be reused month to month to keep track of student appointments, practices, and due dates. Each dry erase decal is available in the custom color combination of their choosing, and can be easily applied to most any surface. Which will be perfect when they are trying to fit all their school essentials into their new living quarters.

Products That Fit Their Lifestyle

Moving away from home can be hard. Once the newfound independence of living alone begins to wear off, some students can sometimes start to struggle with homesickness and missing close friends and family that they were comfortable seeing on a day to day basis. Helping them decorate their space with personal reminders, favorite quotes, and photos of loved ones can make a huge difference in helping to make their new space feel more like home. Back to School Custom Sticker Packs make the perfect addition to any college dorm room because they can be customized with all your child’s very own artwork, designs, or photographs.. These quick and easy to install sticker packs are perfect in any small space and can be stuck to any surface type. They can also be peeled and restuck repeatedly, which is perfect for their ever changing and evolving identity. Students have an abundance of different things to juggle while away at school, don’t let their dorm room decor be one of them. Instead opt for these easy and affordable dorm room staples that are essential to any students dorm room success.

Ready To Go Back To Class?

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