Custom Beer Labels
We’re excited to introduce our new Custom Beer Labels, have arrived. With all the tremendous amounts of work going into brewing your own beer, of course you want to make sure your labels look fantastic. Our Custom beer labels are designed to be applied to any glass bottle type and not only hold strong, but to look great doing it.

Customized Beer Labels

It only takes a couple of minutes to order Custom Beer Labels. Just measure your bottles, upload your design, and proceed to checkout. After the order has been placed you will receive a free proof from one of our designers containing exactly what the labels will look like in real life. After we have your approval, your labels will be printed and sent out to you.

Sticker Genius beer labels are wet strength, self-adhesive, paper labels that are designed to be semi-permanent. The labels can be printed with an optional UV laminate in gloss or matte. The labels are already considered to be waterproof, but adding a laminate will add extra protection to your labels. A laminate will also provide a different finish rather than the traditional semi-gloss of the material if so desired.

Measurement Beer Bottle

Measuring For Beer Labels

Taking measurements of your bottle is the best way to guarantee that your labels fit perfectly. Every bottle has a flat depression on it that is bordered by a top and bottom ridge in the glass. This area is called the “Label Panel” and it will be your area of focus. There are two aspects of this area you will need to measure in order to size your bottles for Custom Beer Labels, the height and the width of the label panel.

Measuring Height 
The area between the top and bottom ridge will be how you determine the height of your label. If your bottle has no ridge, then simply measure between the end of where the top of the bottle curves down to where the bottom curve starts. Once you have your measurement take about ¼ inch off of it, to ensure you have enough room.

Measuring Width
When determining the width available for your custom label all you’ll need to do is use a measuring tape to wrap the bottle until the ends meet. Most beer labels have a gap in the back where the label would meet. So the measurement would be the maximum width your label could be. We would suggest taking about ¼ to ½ inch off that size.

Common Types of Beer Bottles

Beer Bottle Types

There are a number of different beer bottle types but for the most part, all the varieties have the same smooth sides and rounded shoulders, which will make measuring the bottle fast and easy. You can now contact Sticker Genius for customized templates for each bottle type. So here is an overview of the different variations available in the U.S.

Growler (64oz)- The largest of the common varieties. Growlers are commonly used at breweries and by home brewers. The stand sized growler is approximately 11 inches tall.

Mini Growler (32oz)- These bottles are also sometimes referred to as grenade, bullet, growlette, or grumbler and can be found very commonly around different areas of the United States. The common size of these bottles is about 9 inches tall.

Bomber (22oz)- Commonly used for speciality brews and small batches, these bottles are the big brother to the standard 12oz beer.

Long Neck (12oz)- One of the two most common sizes used for mass distribution. Long necks stand about 9 inches tall but are a more slender version of the 12oz bottle.

Heritage (12oz) – Same volume, different shape. The heritage bottle is a shorter and wider version of the 12oz that stands about 7.5 inches tall.

Stubby (11oz) – The name says it all. The stubby is a favorite for craft brewers or as some like to call them “Crafties” and these bottles stand about 6.25 inches tall.

Still Have Questions About Custom Beer Labels? Contact Us.

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