Hockey Golf Charity
NHL players Justin Falk (#42, Defender, Ottawa Senators) and Eric Fehr (#21, Center, Minnesota Wild) have started the local foundation, named the Falk Fehr Foundation. For the past nine years, they have partnered with the Winkler Community Foundation to host the Winkler Pro Am Golf Tournament. A charity fundraising golf tournament which raised money for Boundary Trails Health Centre.

In 2019 they took it a step further and renamed the event and decided to form a charity golf tournament where 100% of the proceeds will stay local and go directly back into their community. The tournament event is called the “Hockey Champions Charity Golf Tournament” and happened on June 21, 2019. This year, net proceeds generated from the tournament benefited Winkler’s Central Station. Central Station provides essential relief for basic physical needs to people and families in Winkler. They also provide opportunities for individual, societal and community development, which help to strengthen the overall community. “This tournament is an opportunity for us to see everyone that supports us throughout the season,” Fehr explains. “We get a ton of support from Winkler and it doesn’t go unnoticed. We want to give back as much as we can.” The players are also looking to motivate the young people of the city to become leaders and community builders. We understand that you can accomplish more when we all work together.

Charity Golf Tournament

The players reached out to Sticker Genius in regards to sponsoring their tournament with Restickable Cart Stickers as part of our Donation of the Month program. Happy to get involved, we offered help supporting preparation for their developing charity event and Sticker Genius donated graphic design services, as well as 50 Reusable Golf Outing Sponsor Cart Stickers.

Falk Fehr Sponsor Sticker
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