What should I do with my proof once I receive it?

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Proofs are sent for the purpose of giving you a chance to review what we are going to be sending to print. So it is extremely important that you take a look at the proof and review any flags noted by our designers. Here are a few things to look for before approving your proof:

  1. Is the layout/artwork correct?
  2. Is the size exactly what you want?
  3. Is the material, laminate, and quantity correct?
  4. Are there any notes from the design team regarding resolution?
  5. Are the colors correct?
  6. Did you do a spell check and confirm any personal details are correct and/or included?

If everything on this list looks to be consistent with what you ordered, the last thing you need to do is send a response to our design team that you approve the proofs, and BOOM! Thats it!

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