How to Install Transfer Decals and Frosted Etched Decals (small)

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Small Graphic Install

Exact cut graphics are individually cut lettering or design elements that can be applied to your surface, and not have a background shape. This graphic type requires transfer tape to be used to position and apply to surface. Then once graphics have been adhered to the surface transfer tape is removed. Only leaving the graphics on the surface.


It is always recommended to wipe your surface with a soft cloth (walls) or clean surfaces such as windows, floors, and vehicles to remove any dust or dirt before installation. Do not use harsh cleaning agents. This may affect the bond between graphics and surface. If your surface has been recently painted or cleaned with cleaning solutions, please allow some time to dry before attempting to install.

Tools Needed

  • Squeegee or credit card
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape (optional)

Step 1
Lay the transfer decal flat face up to examine your decals. Make sure the transfer tape lays flat on the liner it was shipped on. If there are any wrinkles or tape separation from the liner, make sure they are smooth before moving on to the next step.

Step 2
Flip the decal over so that it is now face down. Begin to rub the back of the liner side by using your finger tips, credit card, or squeegee (if supplied with package).

Step 3
Begin to peel the liner away from the transfer tape. The decals should remain on the bottom transfer tape as you remove the liner.

Step 4
Remove liner allowing the vinyl to remain on the transfer tape. It’s recommended to fold liner back in opposite direction and roll the liner away from the transfer tape opposed to pulling the liner to separate. If any portion of the vinyl does not stick to the tape. Simply, push liner back and apply more pressure until vinyl is stuck to the tape.

Step 5
Once the liner has been removed, flip the transfer tape so that the decal is face up. Position decal over the surface in the area intended for application. Once committed, lay the decal on the surface.

Step 6
Begin to apply pressure to the top of the transfer tape. Swipe in a side to side motion indicated by the black arrows as you work your way across the transfer tape.
Note: You may need to scratch down with fingertips or use squeegee to apply additional pressure before proceeding to the next step based on the surface you are applying to.

Step 7
Begin to peel away the transfer tape in the opposite direction. If any parts of the vinyl do not fully adhere to the surface simply, push back the transfer tape and scratch vinyl with fingertips to apply more pressure to the decal. Once the decal is adhered to the surface, begin to roll the transfer tape away.

Step 8
Continue to peel away the transfer tape revealing the vinyl adhered to the surface.

Step 9
Enjoy your transfer decals

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