How to Install Large Exact Cut Graphics Using the Hinge Method

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It is always recommended to wipe your surface with a soft cloth (walls) or clean surface such as windows, floors, and vehicles to remove any dust before installation. Do not use harsh cleaning agents. They could affect the bond between the graphics and the surface. 

Tools Necessary

  • Squeegee or credit card
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

We recommend having 2-3 people assisting for larger installs

  1. Take and mark with a pencil or tape any measurement needed to center or position your graphic on surface for desired placement.
  2. Apply masking tape to the front side of transfer tape at the corners.
  3. Apply long vertical or horizontal (depending on graphic shape) masking tape strip to act as our hinge when applying graphic. Allow 6”-12” to extend past the transfer tape.
  4. Position the graphics (still all together) on surface, and secure in position with masking tape from the hinge, and corners.
  5. Once position has been established, we will now apply one side of the graphic.
  6. Remove masking tape from one side and pull away from wall to remove liner.
  7. Once liner has been pulled from graphics (leaving the graphics adhered to transfer tape), then use scissors to cut the liner off near hinge.
  8. Begin to apply the transfer tape and graphics to the wall with squeegee, hands, or credit card.
  9. When applying the decal use a sweeping pattern.
    *If you are applying entire graphic from left to right (hinge vertically in the center). Your sweeping pattern would be from top to bottom.
    *If you are applying main graphic from top to bottom (hinge horizontally in center). Your sweeping pattern would be from left to right.
  10. Slowly apply the graphic in small increments until you reach the end of that side.
  11. Once the first side has been applied you can now remove the hinge masking tape (slowly), and repeat the process for other side until the graphic has been fully applied.
  12. Use squeegee, credit card, or finger nails to apply pressure to graphics to fully adhere to the surface.
  13. Peel transfer tape from the surface at a sharp angle.
  14. Once applied if you notice any graphics not fully adhered to the surface, gently use credit card or squeegee (with soft cloth over it) to firmly apply pressure to graphics.

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