Event Floor Graphic
Most people look down when they walk. Not to mention the average American spends nearly five hours a day looking down at his or her phone. Although phone-addiction may seem annoying to the average person, to a marketing professional, it has helped to create a new unique opportunity to take advertising to the next step. Our Nation’s steadily increasing downward gaze is introducing a new way to brand, advertise, and utilize the floor of any business, office, or event.
Center Stage Floor Decal
Floor Graphic Backcountry

Think On Your Feet

Grab attention with eye-catching floor graphics! Floor graphics are becoming a growingly popular dynamic tool that can stop potential customers in their tracks and help get your brand or business more traffic. These creative and unique decals are now more relevant than ever – as it has become standard for a good percentage of consumers line of vision to be pointed directly at the floor. Which conveniently makes floor graphics planted right in their line of sight. Not only are floor graphics clever, but they really go beyond aligning with consumers tech habits, floor graphics are novel enough to make an impact on customers in all types of different areas. From corporate office decor and retail promotions to museum exhibits and outdoor directional event graphics, there are many ways you can use floor decals to enhance brand awareness or simply add an interesting design component to your space.

Our Sticker Genius Floor Graphics come in a variety of different types and materials to choose from. We have decals that are perfect for almost any surface. Short term or long-term, and even indoor and outdoor options available.

Custom Shape Floor Graphics
Custom cut into any size or shape, these decals are the perfect non-skid option for multiple types of flooring.

Exact Cut Floor Graphics
Clean seamless designs that are cut to look like they are part of the flooring. Perfect for corporate offices and buildings.

Carpet Graphics
A perfect advertising or branding opportunity for low pile carpet. Popular for trade shows and events. Easily installed and removed without leaving any mess behind.

Outdoor & Sidewalk Floor Graphics
Durable conforming vinyl decals designed for the outdoors. Outdoor graphics are strong and weather-resistant for as long as 6 months under moderate traffic.

Step Up Your Marketing

Much like storefront windows and walls, floor space is a free and open marketing platform. So, instead of cluttering valuable wall space with even more promotions, perhaps try marketing to your consumers in an easy, non-intrusive way that also saves you space. Floor graphics can also be printed and cut into almost any size and shape, allowing for full creative freedom when it comes to design. You can also apply these custom printed graphics to a variety of surfaces such as tile, wood, carpet, and even concrete. Which means not only are they are cost-effective, but they are a great opportunity to maximize your space and fully utilize the resources you already have. Laminated with slip-resistant coating, floor graphics are a strong, durable, unobstructed marketing tool that is safe for both short and long-term applications.

Mile Marker Sidewalk Graphic

Installation Guide

Sticker Genius floor graphics are designed for safe use on multiple floor types typically found in commercial settings, such as:

  • Standard Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Terrazzo
  • Sealed Concrete or Unsealed
  • Concrete
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Industrial Carpeting

All of our floor graphic products are easy to install and remove, including the outdoor concrete products. Following a few simple instructions is a critical step towards any successful floor graphic installation. This Sticker Genius installation guide will provide you with proper procedures for cleaning and preparing a surface for successful graphic applications.

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