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Raise Funds With An Online Store!

Being part of a sports organization or club can be a very fun experience. Many people love joining with other people who are like-minded in pursuing interests and activities. These can be great places to make friends and achieve similar goals together.

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Change With Reusable Stickers

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stick With Sticker Genius

With an abundance of sticker companies emerging in today’s oversaturated market, sometimes it’s hard to tell just who is the real deal. Custom printing is a huge asset to any business, so when choosing a vendor, it’s important to make sure it is someone you trust.

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Photoshop Enhanced Wall Graphic Stickers

From Photoshop To Wall Graphics

Feeling like your walls could use a little more character? Our photo wall decals are a great way to improve the look of your space. Whether you’re looking to redecorate a child’s room or your office space needs a facelift, we have a product that can help. With custom printing it has become easier than ever to turn photos into wall decals. Not only do these products look fantastic, they are also easily installed and a snap to remove.

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Removable Outdoor Wall Decals

Reusable Stickers Make Your Slogan Stick

Advertising stuck in one place? Make it mobile! Instead of sinking your advertising dollars into forgettable billboards, wrap your logo around your car or company vehicle, create a catchy store window banner, or hang vinyl banners outside your business. Brand identity is key, so get your company’s’ slogan and logo stuck in the heads of everyone in town with Sticker Genius’ banner solutions!

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Custom Shape Sticker Tutorial

How To Make A Custom Shape Outlined Sticker

You may be wondering “how do I create an outline around my graphic?” Well, it’s a very simple process that using an Illustrator effect called …

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Stuck On Vehicle Decals

Our Company Will Be Stuck On You

Sticker Genius will bring a whole new meaning to the concept of sticking to what you know! StickleMe stickers are restickable ways to showcase your logo, branding, marketing messages, and promotional signage. Elevate your promotional swag, marketing material, even your children’s room décor to a whole new level.

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Coming Soon Cafe Window Poster Signs

Leave Your Mark With Sticker Genius

Sticker Genius will bring a whole new meaning to the concept of sticking to what you know! We offer an abundance of customizable, promotional products to help your brand really leave it’s mark. A restickable logo can be put on any surface and reused time and time again, and these promotional stickers can be given out at all types of events. Better yet, you can customize them to say or depict whatever you want.

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Graphic Designer Job in Troy

So Custom And Unique, You Can’t Help But To Take A Peek!

Sticker Genius is your number one source for terrific products that your organization, sports team, company, or school will benefit from! Whether you’re interested in restickable or repositionable car decals to use for marketing on the go or life-size standups for great promotions. has the best materials and products for you. Our company offers classic promotional products like restickable banners, signs, and decals, but we also have exciting new types of products that will make your marketing fresh, new and fun!

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Business Branding Stickers Touchpoints

Restickable Branding Brings Big Business

Business owners, schools, and other organizations often avoid purchasing banners for their events because once the banner is made, it cannot be changed. Since many of these organizations are on limited budgets, they forgo the banner to save on expenses. However, failure to properly advertise a business or event can lead to poor turn-out and loss of sales.

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Custom Trailer Removable Decals

Frankenmuth “Stuck” On Sticker Genius

Frankenmuth Brewery and Sticker Genius “stuck” together on Saturday, July 20, when they participate in the Michigan Bier Celebration at the Harvey Kern Pavilion in Heritage Park. Taste testing of award-winning beer, craft beer, lagers, ales, cider and Frankie’s Root Bier from a host of renowned breweries provided a souvenir Oktoberfest boot sampler glass which was included with admission. There was also three live bands and a DJ for musical entertainment.

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