Custom Floor Graphic

Bring Your Brand To Life With Custom Stickers

If your business already has a logo that you love, you’re one big step closer to getting your brand out in front of people. Your logo is the most important part of your visual identity, and using it both online and offline will help you gain recognition and instantly appear more professional to potential customers.

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Sticker Genius Storefront

What’s New At The Genius Lab

We know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but thanks for being patient and giving us time to grow. Given the progress we’ve made these last 10 years, our customer relationship is extremely important to us. For that reason, we can’t wait to bring you what’s next! We are looking forward to providing you with more products, more quality, and continually improved customer service experience in the years to come.

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Children's Room Theme Stickers

Create Memories With StickleMe Room Themes

Looking for a fun and interactive gift for your kids for the holiday season? What about creating some fun family memories with our easy to …

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Start Finish Marathon

2019 Girl Scout Cookie Classic

Sticker Genius has always been passionate about getting involved with the community and donating to different types of organizations. For that reason we founded our “Donation of The Month” program. Creating this program has allowed us to work together with unique groups that we might not have been in contact with us otherwise.  For Sticker Genius’s January 2018 donation, we worked alongside the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast to help sponsor their 5th annual Cookie Classic Race in Chesapeake, VA.

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Double Sided Menu

Utilize Valuable Space With Double-Sided Prints

Custom printed double-sided window and door decals are perfect for retail storefronts and restaurant counters. This strong vinyl material, with a barrier film, full color, double-sided print makes adding a graphic that is visible from both sides very easy! If windows or glass counters are the first line of sight for your customers, then it makes sense to use the glass to advertise your brand. It doubles your exposure from both inside and outside the store at the same time. This product can also be used to benefit both customers and employees. Just look at how our clients at 7 Greens in Birmingham, Michigan put this awesome product to work.

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Label Banner Image

New Product Offering! Custom Label Rolls

Let’s roll out your companies brand in style with our new product offering of custom label rolls. These labels are versatile and can be used for many different uses and functions to help grow your small business into something great. Whether you’re looking to improve your packaging, product branding, or just organizing a new storefront or warehouse, we have the perfect product for you.

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Online Fundraising Store

Raise Funds With An Online Store!

Being part of a sports organization or club can be a very fun experience. Many people love joining with other people who are like-minded in pursuing interests and activities. These can be great places to make friends and achieve similar goals together.

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Change With Reusable Stickers

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stick With Sticker Genius

With an abundance of sticker companies emerging in today’s oversaturated market, sometimes it’s hard to tell just who is the real deal. Custom printing is a huge asset to any business, so when choosing a vendor, it’s important to make sure it is someone you trust.

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Photoshop Enhanced Wall Graphic Stickers

From Photoshop To Wall Graphics

Feeling like your walls could use a little more character? Our photo wall decals are a great way to improve the look of your space. Whether you’re looking to redecorate a child’s room or your office space needs a facelift, we have a product that can help. With custom printing it has become easier than ever to turn photos into wall decals. Not only do these products look fantastic, they are also easily installed and a snap to remove.

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Removable Outdoor Wall Decals

Reusable Stickers Make Your Slogan Stick

Advertising stuck in one place? Make it mobile! Instead of sinking your advertising dollars into forgettable billboards, wrap your logo around your car or company vehicle, create a catchy store window banner, or hang vinyl banners outside your business. Brand identity is key, so get your company’s’ slogan and logo stuck in the heads of everyone in town with Sticker Genius’ banner solutions!

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