How Our Affiliate Program Works

We know that you are referring your friends to Sticker Genius and we wanted a special way to say thank you! Here is how our affiliate program works.

  1. Apply to be an affiliate of Sticker Genius by sending an email to Please include your Name, Paypal Email Address, home or business address, and URL of your website
  2. Once approved we will send you a custom link and banner for your website or blog
  3. Any time one of your visitors click on the link, come to our store, and make a purchase…

Once you are an approved Sticker Genius Affiliate, you will earn 5% commission on all purchases using our generated links and banners you place on your site.

Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I add your link to my website?

We send you all the details after you have been approved.

Is there a minimum for getting paid?

The minimum for getting paid is $10.00

How do I get paid?

We can pay you with a Sticker Genius gift card or send your money directly to you via Paypal.

Commission earned in January
Paid March 10th

Commission earned in February
Paid April 10th

Commission earned in March
Paid May 10th

Commission earned in April
Paid June 10th

Commission earned in May
Paid July 10th

Commission earned in June
Paid August 10th

Commission earned in July
Paid September 10th

Commission earned in August
Paid October 10th

Commission earned in September
Paid November 10th

Commission earned in October
Paid December 10th

Commission earned in November
Paid January 10th

Commission earned in December
Paid February 10th

Why does it take so long to get paid?

We have a 30 day money back guarantee policy. This will help you to earn more sales. However, it also means that we have to wait a little longer to clear purchases for commission. If an item is purchased on January 31st, they have until the beginning of March to return their item. After the 30 days is over, we can review payments and make sure you are paid the correct amount.

Will you need to collect tax information?

Unfortunately… yes. The law requires us to collect tax information for affiliates who are U.S. citizens, residents, or organizations, and from certain non-U.S. individuals and entities.

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