F150 Reusable Stickers on Door
In 2015 when Ford transitioned all its mass-produced vehicles to an aluminum body, it meant some big changes for contractors and small business owners. One of them being the once popular vehicle “magnet sign” was suddenly obsolete. Companies were then forced to began searching for an alternate option.

This very search quickly led to the popularity of Sticker Genius’s best selling product, the Ford F-150 Reusable Magnet Alternative. In the past few years, the increased need for these reusable sticker signs has delivered an abundance of calls and inquiries to our Genius team. So we feel it’s our duty to take a little time to give you the facts about this incredible product. Here’s our sticky solution for aluminum body vehicles!

How Do They Work?

Our Ford 1-50 Aluminum Body Magnet Replacement is made from a product that we have branded Restickable StickleMe. This incredible product is a paper-thin, fabric-based material with reusable self-adhesive backing. Which creates a vehicle signage alternative that is similar to a magnet, only much better. The result is an innovative way to display your company information on your aluminum body truck that can be applied and removed daily. This product is completely revolutionary and it’s breaking all the rules when it comes to the old method of vehicle branding.

How Long Will They Last?

There are a lot of questions that come with our F-150 vehicle signs, but this one is probably the most frequent. We get it. Of course, there is always going to be a concern when testing out new products. Potential customers have every right to make sure that they will be getting their money’s worth out of a product they will be used for advertising. So, I speak for the company when I assure you, these stickers are extremely durable and made to last. As long as the adhesive side is kept clean, our customers generally report our decals to last about 1-2 years or 100-150 applications, whichever comes first. StickleMe’s unique properties allow it to provide completely tear and crumple resistant application. Which means your daily installation will be a breeze. As long as you protect your new vehicle signage with an outdoor laminate to fight UV and moisture damage, these stickers will remain vibrant. Our strong protective laminate will also combat harsh climates and make your signage rain, snow, and weatherproof.

How Do I Care For Them?

In order to preserve the life of your Aluminum Body Decal, it’s most important to make sure that the surface of your vehicle is wiped down before application each time. Dirt and debris can compromise the adhesive and cause it to fail. This is as simple as taking a moist towel to the area where you’ll be sticking the sign and removing any dust or dirt, and towel drying before placing the sign. When you’re finished using the sign, you will also need to keep it clean during storage. The best method for this is typically to stick them back onto the liner they were shipped on and roll them up. Although, some customers find our Reusable Sticker Boards to be more useful to them. Storage boards are coroplast boards that can be kept in vehicles or warehouses and used to place and store the signs when they are not applied. The best part is, since the adhesive on these signs is so forgiving, you can essentially make a stack of them all on one board, which keeps cost and storage space down. We sell these boards on our website and can even custom produce them based on the size of your prints.

If you’re ready to place an order for Aluminum Body Magnet Replacements, there are just a few steps you’ll need to take. The Sticker Genius printing process does require print-ready files, which means you will need to submit the actual logo file, not just a photo of the design or the physical sticker. If you have the print file, just go to the website product page, input your sizes, upload your file, and submit the order. It’s as easy as that! But don’t worry if you don’t have the file, or need graphic design help, Sticker Genius can help with that too. A service called File Setup makes it possible for our design team to quickly redraw/recreate your current logo in order to make it print-ready. File setup fees are a one time fee, then your logo will be kept on file to make future ordering easier. So, what do you think? Are you ready to get your hands on the fastest selling Sticker Genius product that is changing the game when it comes to vehicle signage?

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