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It has almost been one full year since we moved into our new location in Troy, Michigan and so much has changed. With our company growth booming, we wanted to extend the opportunity to give a behind the scenes look into what is going on around the Genius Lab.

Here at Sticker Genius, we are constantly trying to make improvements to become the best custom sticker brand around. To make your experience better, we’ve made some big changes in this past year, including new product releases, upgraded production processes, and increased staff. We are constantly working harder to provide you with a more seamless user experience and high-quality custom products. Here’s a little overview of what we’ve done to help serve you better.

Introduction Of Die-Cut Stickers

You gave us your feedback and we listened. To keep on top of our custom printing efforts, we’ve now introduced custom die-cut stickers. These cuts are more accurate ensuring that your custom designs are cut with exact precision every time. These new cuts combine with the improvements in speed and efficiency will help us get your perfectly cut orders out the door and on route to you in less time.

Custom Sticker Prints

New Label Roll Printing

We were (and still are) so geeked about our newest product release at the lab, Custom Label Roll Printing. These high-quality labels are versatile and can be used for many different uses and functions to help grow your small business. Whether you’re in need of product branding, packaging, or just organizing a new office, we now have the perfect product for you! Our new label products offer a broad range of options for all types of applications. Anything from Container and Beverage Labels all the way to Name Tag & Organization Labels, Sticker Genius now has it all!

Full Color Label Prints

Increased Staff and Updated Processes

Of course, we are excited to bring you new products and better quality, but we are most excited to announce that we have added more staff to help complete your orders even faster than ever. Our standard production times are continuing to drop and are now at the shortest we have ever been at since we have started this venture. In addition to that, our Genius Production team has been hard at work creating new processes to make ordering, approving, and receiving your custom orders easier than ever.

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