Fridge Calendar Stickers
We all know that stickers are great to put on cars, laptops, and windows but there are also some fun and unexpected uses of stickers that are pretty clever. Here at Sticker Genius, we are always looking for new and exciting products to bring to our customers, so we consider it our solemn duty to share these different types of sticker applications with the world.

Kitchen Cheat Sheets

  • Measuring Conversions
  • Meat Temperatures
  • Handy Substitutions
  • Grocery Lists
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Babysitter Notes
  • Dry Erase Calendars
  • Family Schedules
  • Monthly Bills & Budgeting

Americans spend anywhere from 2-3 hours per day in their kitchens. It’s the place we eat, prepare meals, and gather as a family. For this exact reason, we tend to keep important information there. Most of us use the refrigerator to hold onto lists, save the dates, and important things we need to remember. In most homes, you will find lots of useful information stuck here, in this centralized location to keep it all in one place. So, why not let Sticker Genius help you organize and perfect this process a little? Custom stickers can be used to print all types of handy conversions, lists, and notes, for you and your family.

Getting organized can be tricky, but creative ideas for utilizing space is a great first step to the process. I personally have a few of these sticker sheets in my very own kitchen. Using a dry erase board to categorize and schedule all my bills and monthly payments have been a lifesaver for staying on track. I also keep a measurement conversion sheet on the inside of my pantry where I keep all my spices and baking ingredients, which comes in super handy whenever I am cooking or baking. Some other interesting ideas that I have seen utilized are dry erase grocery lists, babysitter notes, and emergency contact lists that can be changed and updated as frequently as needed. Pretty clever, right?

Wedding Planning and Decor

Another creative idea for stickers that has become more popular recently, is wedding decor. Decals and stickers can be used in a number of different areas when it comes to planning a wedding, and oftentimes, these options can be much more cost effective than the older, more traditional avenue. While working for Sticker Genius, I have seen many individuals create some pretty amazing items for various weddings and events. It always excites me watching people bring their unique style and creativity to life while they celebrate their big day.

Wedding Sticker Ideas
  • Save the Dates
  • Guest Keepsakes
  • Signage and Decorations
  • Photo Banners
  • Table Placeholders
  • Personalized Games

Every couple & wedding is different, which is why it is important to have plenty of custom options when designing and decorating for your big day. When it comes to a wedding theme, design, or customized touch, the only limit you have is access to the tools to create your unique vision. Sticker Genius can help by giving you the ability to print customized decals for all sorts of different uses. Our StickleMe material comes to mind when I think “Save The Dates” because it can be peeled, stuck, and restuck multiple times.  Which is a perfect way to ensure your important reminder doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Not to mention, it’s perfect for your guests because they can easily remove it from the fridge and keep it as a keepsake if they choose to do so. Another fun idea is to use custom stickers to design individualized placeholders or keepsakes that will dress up every table. Photo banners or personalized games like cornhole are an elegant and decorative way to create fun wedding memories for everyone. Sticker Genius will make having all these special little touches a cake walk because we specialize in custom designs.  

Sign-Up Sheets

  • Lunch-Ins
  • Potlucks
  • Field Trips
  • Events & Outings

Large office parties and events can sometimes get hectic. Custom stickers are a great way to help with that. Create reusable company themed sign-up sheets to help organize your next potluck, office outing, or team building exercise. Customized sign up sheets can also be helpful for a busy teacher who is trying to plan a party or field trip. Choose from a variety of different materials that can be applied just about anywhere they are needed. Bold & bright custom signage is a great way to grab attention and get your message across to everyone. Displayed in common areas, these sign up sheets will make planning for your next event a breeze.

Travel Logs & Momentos

  • Peel & Stick Maps
  • Photo Stickers
  • Photography Wall Murals
  • Canvas Prints

Who doesn’t love traveling? Exploring new places, creating new memories, and experiencing new things is a hobby that most everyone values. Although, it can sometimes be challenging to preserve the memories you make in a practical way. Sure, we all have that album full of photos from last years road trip or the family cruise to the Caribbean, but how often do we really look at them? Sticker Genius wants to change that. We have some creative and innovative ways to display memories and moments that are more enjoyable than that dusty album on the shelf. Did you know that high-resolution photos from your trips can be printed large scale and turned into beautiful wall murals for your home or office? You can also keep track of all the places you’ve visited by creating peel & stick maps that tally states or countries that you’ve already checked off your list. Photo stickers can be used to decorate rooms, desks, or office cubicles with your amazing adventures and memories. You can even create beautiful gifts for family or friends by printing elegant canvas prints using your own images. Don’t underestimate the power of using photos and valuable memories to brighten any space in your life.

These 20 creative sticker ideas are only a small glimpse into the wide range of what custom stickers can do to help simplify, organize, and decorate various areas of your life. Do you have a use for custom stickers that help you stay organized that we didn’t mention? Share it with us!

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